Spartak Ngjela "explodes the bomb", warns of 'earthquake' in Albanian politics: There are facts as evidence that Ilir Meta also participated in it

Spartak Ngjela "explodes the bomb", warns of 'earthquake' in


Adriatic Tresa murder in Ecuador suspected by Albanians, police convinced of clash between drug gangs

Adriatic Tresa murder in Ecuador suspected by Albanians, police convinced of

The serious event that took place a few days ago from the murder of the Albanian Adriatik Tresa in Ecuador is suspected to have been committed by Albanians, as the 45-year-old is suspected of having clashes with some Albanians living in the city of Guayaquil. Specifically, according to sources from the local media of Guayaquil, it is learned that the police authorities have investigated the Adriatic Tresa for the execution of another Albanian. It is about the murder of Ilir Hidri in 2017, when Tresa was investigated as involved in the execution and the 45-year-old was described as a high-risk person, who lived in a villa, moved in an armored car and was constantly protected. by the guards. According to the media in Ecuador, it is suspected that the clashes between the Albanians were due to cocaine, as Adriatik Tresa was considered as part of a drug cartel in Guayaquil, while the murder of a journalist in 2013 was also investigated in the same area. Following his history in the field of crimes in Ecuador, the 45-year-old from Tirana is learned to have obtained a residence permit in Ecuador, while Greek documents were found in his apartment, in addition to Albanian ones. He even used some names to hide his identity after the criminal activities, according to the authorities in Guayaquil. Tresa was executed 4 days ago by 7 people disguised as police officers. The perpetrators entered the area where the rich lived, claiming that they had a search warrant, but then executed the 45-year-old Albanian. Specifically, in the implementation of a well-thought-out plan, initially they are taught to be introduced as anti-drug agents by taking the guns of the guards and then they are taught to have entered the house quietly by executing Tresa in the eyes of his sister-in-law. It is also learned that, for the murder of the Albanian, six people were detained, but only one was prosecuted, while the others were released without charge.
Execution of the Adriatic Tress
The murder in Ecuador of the 45-year-old from Tirana happened two days ago on the outskirts of the city of Guayaquil. Meanwhile, the disruption of cocaine bargains is one of the main tracks in which this serious event is being investigated and at the same time it is suspected that it happened, but the clash with other criminal groups where other Albanians were also not excluded. According to sources, the 45-year-old is said to have been killed inside his house by an armed group, who were disguised as police officers when they entered the apartment where the Albanian lived. Meanwhile, prosecutor Walter Jaramillo is said to have told the Ecuadorian media that the investigative group was accompanied for questioning by family members, the Albanian woman, the sister-in-law, who was with Tresa at the time the 45-year-old was killed, but also other relatives of the wife. also, Ecuadorian justice authorities have stated that the Albanian family hid the phone, but also other items of Tresa after the murder. The perpetrators disguised themselves as anti-drug cops. "After neutralizing the guards, they went to the house where the stranger lived. They committed murder and escaped. "There were eight people and they claimed to be anti-narcotics police," said the area police chief. Police were notified by the guards. "The victim was on the living room floor. "The body of the Albanian was sent to the Crime Laboratory in Guayaquil", he added. A senior Ecuadorian prosecutor said: "We are analyzing the links he has with an organization in relation to drug trafficking. "He was also abducted." While the prosecutor César Peña is learned to have explained that A.