Head of State, Bajram Begaj, meeting 'head to head' with American President Joe Biden in the USA, what was discussed

Head of State, Bajram Begaj, meeting 'head to head' with American

The Americans kicked her out of politics, Lindita Nikolla put Sali Berisha through the window through the bait Bardhi, the anti-US "kamikaze" Speaker of the Assembly of the "Bermuda Triangle" and the Zeni partnership

The Americans kicked her out of politics, Lindita Nikolla put Sali Berisha

SPAK in the court of "non women", this is how the USA has sewn up the file of the "Berisha" family, in the scanner the assets of the children, the son-in-law, the "Partizani", "CEZ-DIA" and "Gërdeci" affairs, the American cables are revealed

SPAK in the court of "non women", this is how the USA has sewn up the

Spartak Ngjela warns of "bombastic" news: This is why Sali Berisha is attacking the "iron" prosecutor Enkeleda Millonai who is investigating her son-in-law for money laundering and the scheme that Ilir Meta is following to escape from the clutches of SPAK

Spartak Ngjela warns of "bombastic" news: This is why Sali Berisha is

Here are all the gifts of Prime Minister Rama to the oligarch Samir Manen, how he put the whole state at the service of his businesses, from the forgiveness of private and state lands, tenders, to the helicopter runway and hangar for private aircraft

Here are all the gifts of Prime Minister Rama to the oligarch Samir Manen, how

The American Congress deepens the investigation into the "Rama-McGonigal" affair, this is how the scandal can cause earthquakes in Tirana and Washington, Robert Pope reveals the latest news

The American Congress deepens the investigation into the

Clashes for the head of the DP group, the American Embassy makes it clear to Berisha: We do not change our position on "non-women", we encourage the actors to carefully examine their commitments in the party

Clashes for the head of the DP group, the American Embassy makes it clear to

The increase in pensions is approved, 767 thousand people benefit from indexation by 8.6 percent from October 1, the Ministry of Finance and the Institute of Social Insurance clarify the details

The increase in pensions is approved, 767 thousand people benefit from


The scandal of the 2011 elections in Tirana, how Berisha used Ristan and the CEC to give victory to Lulzim Basha, Kadare's letter and accusations after 10 years between the parties

The scandal of the 2011 elections in Tirana, how Berisha used Ristan and the CEC

Today, Albanian democracy enjoys almost very few properties or criteria of being truly transparent, fair, open, impartial and progressive. Many political events of 33 years of pluralism have proven that Albania is one of the countries with the lowest standard of expression of freedom, voting, quality of life, and with the highest levels of corruption, informality, organized crime, inequality in Europe, but also in the world. It is already accepted as an axiom that democracy begins with respect for the vote and in the chapter of political pluralism, Albania has a balance not to worry about the electoral processes. 1996, 2001, 2009, 2017 and 2021 have been frequently attacked for irregularities, state interventions, manipulations, buying and selling of votes, distortion of the election result with the use of violence, among which "

Basha, Berisha's "card" against Rama in 2011, Meta took revenge on his former friend

However, no less in terms of the procedure, a scandalous, much-contested moment is the recount of votes for the local elections of May 8, 2011 in Tirana, when Lulzim Basha broke Edi Rama's 11-year dominance in the capital city hall. Everyone remembers how the result was overturned with a 10-vote difference of the head of the opposition to the preferred democratic candidate of Sali Berisha after the counting in 11 KZAZ and the infamous role played by the Central Election Commission headed by Arben Ristan, but over all and the power of the time commanded by Sali Berisha. Ilir Meta also gave Basha a good hand to compete against Rama with the votes of the Socialist Movement for Integration. The former deputy prime minister did not forgive his former friend Prifti and Edi Rama for the public unmasking with the famous video "700 thousand euros". After more than 10 years, the protagonists of the time have changed their political attitudes towards each other, a more than normal phenomenon in the Albanian political scene where allies and collaborators easily turn into opponents and enemies and vice versa. Basha's race with Rama had a special specificity as there was a voice outside of politics that sought stabilization of the honest and chaotic climate of the time. The writer Ismail Kadare publicly asked Lulzim Basha to withdraw from the race after May 8 in the service of political peace in the country. Basha, for his part, categorically rejected such a decision. The newspaper "TODAY" will bring to the readers in a summary the statements of the protagonists, the scandalous and funny process of counting votes "live" for all media, the change of the result,

"Prelude" to the battle for Tirana, Basha the "rising star of DP", Rama ran for ego

2011 was a dark year in Albanian politics. The local elections of May 8 followed the tragedy of January 21 of that year after 4 innocent demonstrators were killed by the Republic Guard in front of the Prime Minister while protesting against the government of Sali Berisha and the Ilir Meta-Dritan Prifti video surveillance scandal. Lulzim Basha was the "rising star" of the DP. Without political experience, he was catapulted in 2005 after the victory of the Democrats in the parliamentary elections as Minister of Transport. In 6 years, Basha experienced a meteoric rise in power, being rewarded with the positions of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Interior. Berisha's favorite bore quite a bit of the weight of the January 21 massacre as he held the position of Minister of the Interior, responsible for the management of order and security. Berisha and his ally Ilir Meta, who, although he had resigned from all government functions after being unmasked by his former subordinate Dritan Prifti in a video-tap in the late Prifti's office, were strongly committed to winning at all costs the electoral "fortress" of the SP , the municipality of Tirana, which was run for 11 consecutive years without interruption by Edi Rama. The latter had also assumed the role of the leader of the opposition and SP since 2005. Berisha confirmed the rumors before that Basha would be the "knight" of the Democrats in the 2011 electoral race against Rama. On the other hand, even though he was advised not to run for mayor of Tirana again due to the great consumption in the local government and the importance of overthrowing the government with the votes in the upcoming elections of 2013, Edi Rama decided to run for the second time. fourth, with the aim of restraining the power of the Democratic Party and Berisha, but also for the moral credo towards the victims of January 21, 2011 and the cause for the overthrow of Berisha. The tone of the electoral battle was set. Ilir Meta, who had quite a few LSI votes in Tirana, decided to transfer to Lulzim Basha in the challenge to defeat and weaken Edi Rama.

Rama won with a margin of 10 votes, the intervention of Arvizu and Berisha who said that the race is not over 

As usually happens in the Albanian political scene due to the polarization of political party fronts, the election campaign for May 8, 2011 was characterized by serious accusations between the parties. Even, for Tirana, a suspicious increase of voters was reported, compared to 2009, as accusations were made for many Kosovar citizens who had obtained passports in the capital, even though in many cases they did not have a residence code, as required by law. In the end, after an exhausting, chaotic, conflictual process with many interruptions of counting and frequent interventions of the American ambassador of the time, Aleksandër Arvizu, Edi Rama triumphed in an epic showdown with his rival Lulzim Basha, securing the fourth mandate at the head of Municipality of Tirana with a difference of 10 votes. The counting was accompanied by celebrations and clashes between militants of both sides. However, although Rama rushed to deliver the Tirana victory speech, which would be the crowning achievement of the SP's nationwide success, his and the SP's celebrations and enthusiastic atmosphere were short-lived. The day after, Sali Berisha, who was more interested in these elections to win in Tirana than in the whole of Albania, gave a clear message that the battle for Tirana was not over, implying that other mechanisms would intervene state. What followed was truly a public and political discredit of the Albanian state. who was more interested in these elections to win in Tirana than in the whole of Albania, gave a clear message that the battle for Tirana was not over, implying that other state mechanisms would intervene. What followed was truly a public and political discredit of the Albanian state. who was more interested in these elections to win in Tirana than in the whole of Albania, gave a clear message that the battle for Tirana was not over, implying that other state mechanisms would intervene. What followed was truly a public and political discredit of the Albanian state.

Kadare appeals to Basha: withdraw from the race, you would do Albania good

The Central Election Commission decided to reopen some ballot boxes in Tirana, using the argument of some PD lawyers that Basha's votes were mistakenly cast in these boxes due to the use of 4 ballot papers for citizens. The CEC, led at that time by Arben Ristani and with a majority of PD-LSI coalition members, approved the recount of votes. For 15 days, the CEC was stuck dealing with the verification of votes, while outside SP deputies and its militants surrounded the CEC building and demanded the certification of Rama's victory. In the middle of this suffocating political climate, unexpectedly, the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare asks Lulzim Basha with a public letter to withdraw from the race for the municipality of Tirana in order to stabilize the political climate in the country. Kadare reminded Basha of January 21 of that year. The great writer considered the withdrawal as a major action in the service of the country and citizens and asked Lulzim Basha to act as a major politician. "As a politician and as an official, you have recently found yourself in the center of a cyclone, which can not only block the progress of the Albanian nation, but also set it back many years in history. There is no need here to "I remind you how irreparable and unforgivable this misfortune will be. Based on this, in the conditions of a profit or a completely unclear loss, I would propose a gesture, which, nowadays, is rare, almost excluded from Albanian political life: withdrawing from running for mayor. However, since they are related to a part of the Albanian people, I would like to give you the essence of my message: With this proposal, no matter how you understand it, I respect you. I could make the withdrawal proposal to each of you, but I thought that the withdrawal would be easier for you, who are in power, than for the other one, who is the head of the opposition", are some fragments of Kadare's open letter to Lulzim Basha.

Basha rejects Kadare's pleas with an open letter: If he leaves, there is no democracy

Although there were many rumors that Basha, unable to withstand public and political pressure for the elections in Tirana, tried to withdraw from the race, the future former head of the opposition in the years 2013-2022, refused Kadare's pleas. Perhaps, it can be hinted that it was his boss at the time, Sali Berisha, who forced him not to surrender, but Basha himself responded yes to Kadare with an open letter, politely refusing to withdraw from the electoral battle with Edi Rama. On May 21, 2011, the same day when Kadare sent his prayers, Basha made it clear in his public statement that he had no intention of betraying the votes of over 134,000 citizens in his favor. Basha reasoned that it is his voters who force him not to leave their race in the middle and that he saw withdrawing from the race as an act of capitulation and undermining democracy. competition and competition. For the DP candidate for Tirana, Rama could not be allowed to remain at the head of the Municipality, as the accusations of politicization of the institution of the municipality, corruption and abuse of office would be "forgiven". "I am not the one who decides whether or not I will become the next Mayor of the Municipality. While giving on the table or bargaining in favor of me or the opponent, it damages it. Better a race to the last vote than a race absent. By withdrawing, I insult the voters, the commissioners, the legislators, the laws, the courts and democracy itself. By withdrawing due to political pressures, it falls to no more elections in Albania. Any withdrawal of mine under these conditions will not only to be an anti-democratic act, but I believe that it would not be accepted even by my rival for the Municipality of Tirana,

The scandal of the 2011 elections in Tirana, how Berisha used Ristan and the CEC

Ristani dhe KQZ u futën në lojë, numëruan votat e Bashës në kuti të gabuara

Komisioni Qendror i Zgjedhjeve vihet menjëherë në lëvizje për të përmbysuar situatën nga fitorja e Ramës në favor të Bashës. Falë shumicës së anëtarëve të mazhorancës në këtë institucion, u vendos të rinumërohen disa kuti votime, me "pretendimin" e juristëve të PD" se kishte vota në favor të Bashës që ishin hedhur gabimisht, jo në kutinë për kryetar bashkie, por në tjera, pasi zgjidheshin dhe këshilltarët bashkiakë. Edhe pse në shkelje të Kodit Zgjedhor, Ristani dhe KQZ miratuan këtë kërkese dhe filloi procesi i rinumërimit të votave. Pavarësisht se për 5 ditë me radhë u transmetua publikisht në media, nuk u zbulua kurrë se nga dolën këta vota. Edhe pse PD tentoi të bënte transparencë, në shumë procesverbale dalin më tepër vota se ato në kuti të numëruara. Vendosmëria e Ristanit për t'i dhënë fitoren Bashës arrin deri në kufijtë e arrogancës dhe delirit kur në replikat me juristët e PS në KQZ, Eridian Salianji dhe Genci Gjonçaj dhe atij të Partisë Komuniste, Idajet Beqiri (në atë kohë kandidoi për kryebashkiak dhe Hysni Milloshi) saqë shprehet se votat i shtoi Perëndia dhe injoron ankesat e juristëve të opozitës. Në momentin e shpalljes së rezultatit final, ku Basha del sipas KQZ fitues për zgjedhjet për Tiranë me 81 vota më shumë se Rama, Ristani urdhëron të nxirren me forcë Salianji dhe Gjonçaj, madje e tall Salianjin duke e quajtur "qeros". Pamjet janë aq skandaloze, saqë juristi i PS Eridian Salianji goditet me kokë nga një numërues i PD dhe nxirret forcërisht nga salla e KQZ. Edhe vetë OSBE-ODIHR, në raportin final për zgjedhjet e vitit 2011, e cilësoi këtë një “mbikalim” të ligjit. Më poshtë, ju sjellim një përmbledhjeve të replikave të mbledhjes famëkeqe të KQZ, kur u shpall fitues Lulzim Basha. PS akuzoi Berishën dhe Ristanin se vodhën publikisht votat. Sipas juristëve Gjonçaj dhe Salianji, KQZ shkeli kompetencat e veta, pasi duhej të bënte thjesht mbledhjen e votave për çdo 11 KZAZ të Tiranës. Edhe pse kërkoi të shikonte tabelat dhe procesverbalet e numërimit të votave nga KQZ, Ristani nu pranoi kërkesën e Gjonçajt. Ky i fundit u kundërpërgjigj se janë manipuluar tabelat e numërimit të votave.

Replikat, Beqiri: Mos u shtuan votat rrugës, Ristani: Po s'e di, mbase Perëndia!

Salianji: Kjo kuti...Mos, mos, mos! Një sekondë, o djali!
Ristani: Vazhdo, shprehu të lutem!
Salianji: Do ta kenë bërë ndonjë gabim, se hajdutët lënë gjurmë gjithmonë. Ti ke qenë një herë gjyqtar, unë jam avokati.
Ristani: Kujdes gishtin se mos mbulon shenjën!
Salianji: Një pyetje për KQZ, a është vlerësuar? (i fikin mikrofonin).
Ristani: Pyetje shumë e mirë. Fredi, çfarë thotë libri? Apo e lexuam mirë, se u tund. Fol e fol!
Beqiri: Thotë 2, se 2 janë aty.
Ristani: Ta gjejmë së bashku, edhe një gjë.
Beqiri: Po gjetët një gjë, po kush e mori, se e mori atë tjetrën. Është gjetur e Lul Bashës, po duhet gjetur dhe ajo tjetra!
Gjonçaj: Dëgjo, ti mund të bësh çfarë të duash, mund të shpallësh dhe rezultatin që ta ka xhepi, dhe jo atë që thotë Kodi.
Salianji: Me leje, mund të kontestojmë?
Ristani (duke qeshur): Po, po, vazhdoni kontestoni!
Beqiri: Procesverbali thotë 4. Janë 4, këtu dalin 5. Nga doli kjo e pesta?
Ristani: Ja që doli. Gjendja e faktit aq ishte, 5.
Anëtari i KQZ: Zoti kryetar, grupi i rinumërimit ka bërë shënim që janë 5.
Ristani: Po ç'rëndësi ka 4 apo 5. Janë aq sa janë. Ne i hapim, i gjejmë, i rinumërojmë, pastaj i fusim prapë brenda. S'i merr njeri!
Idajeti: Jo, po kush i solli? Se mos janë shtuar rrugës.
Ristani: Po Perëndia, mbase.
Ristani: Pse doni, mor burrë i dheut, të zhvlerësoni votën e popullit?
Gjonçaj: Ju nuk e keni merakun të çoni votën te qytetari, atje ku duhet. Nuk është ky meraku juaj. Meraku juaj është të rregulloni numrat e tij që nuk ka fituar.
(Përplasje duarsh në tavolinë, pa mikrofon)
Ristani: Vazhdojmë me rendin e ditës. Nuk ta jap fjalën!
Ristani: Të lutem, largoje atë qerosin që andej. Hiqe që andej! O djema, largojini këta djemtë
Salianji: Turp të kesh!

Si ndryshuan raportet më pas? Basha në 2021: E nxora Berishën nga fushata ime në 2011

Por, nga ajo kohë deri në shtator 2021, raportet mes Bashës, Berishës dhe Metës ndryshuan 180 gradë. Pasi e pezulloi nga grupi parlamentar i PD në 9 shtator 2021 për shkak të statusit "non grata" nga SHBA, Berisha akuzoi Bashën, dikur "të birin politik", se po bënte marrëveshje për ndarje pushteti me Ramën dhe po shkatërronte opozitën. Basha e konsideroi Berishën, Ramën dhe Metën si 3 politikanët që kanë shkatërruar Shqipërinë me keqqeverisjen e tyre, duke i quajtur "Trekëndëshi i Bermudës" (trekëndëshi i së keqes). Në përpjekje për të fituar kapital politik në një moment kur baza e demokratëve iu kthye kundër, Basha tentoi t'i jepta merita vetes për liberalizimin vizave, për hyrjen e Shqipërisë në NATO në 2009 dhe mbi të gjitha, për fitoren pa mbështetje nga Berisha në Tiranë në 2011. Në një intervistë për "Neës 24" në 12 nëntor 2021, Lulzim Basha befasoi duke thënë se e mbajti Berishën jashtë fushatës së PD në Tiranë në 2011, me vendim personal. "Nuk e kam thënë çelësin e fitores deri më sot, por tani është momenti ta them. Ka qenë vendimi për të përjashtuar Sali Berishën nga fushata për Tiranën", shprehej Basha. Madje, ai filloi ta akuzonte Berishën për 21 janarin dhe dhunën e ushtruar ndaj demokratëve në kongreset e 1995 dhe 1999. Por, pamjet e kohës së fushatës së Bashës në 2011, tregojnë momentet kur përqafohet dhe puthet me Berishën në tribunë.

LSI "e tradhëtuar" nga Basha: Fitove në 2011 me votat tona, Milloshit dhe 'dorën' e Ristanit

Pas dështimit në zgjedhjet parlamentare të 25 prillit 2021, Basha prishi marrëdhëniet me aleatin LSI dhe i akuzoi për humbje të votave të opozitës. LSI iu hakërrye duke e akuzuar se nuk pati asnjë meritë në fitoren e 2011 për Bashkinë e Tiranës. Në nëntonr 2021, pas intervistës së Bashës në "News 24", deputetja e LSI, Erisa Xhixho sulmoi ish-liderin e opozitës se fitoi me 23 mijë vota të LSI, 1500 vota të kandidatit komunist në 2011 për Tiranën, Hysni Milloshi dhe 50 votat të mbrojtura nga Ristani në KQZ. “Tre çelesat e fitores të z.Basha në Bashkinë e Tiranës në 2011: 1) 23 mijë votat e LSI për ty që kurrë si meritove, 2) 1500 votat që Hysni Milloshi ia hoqi Edi Rames si aleat i LSI dhe i regjistruar prej saj, 3) 50 votat që t’i mbrojti Arben Ristani si Kryetar i KQZ", shkruante Xhixho.

Ristani: Transparenca e numërimit të votave në 2011 kapi kulmin, Basha fitoi nga unë

Edhe Ristani, i cili u shpërblye pas 2011 nga Berisha si deputet në Vlorë dhe u zgjodh më vonë Sekretar i PD, u kthye në "armik" Bashës. Në 2017, Basha e renditi të 4-tin në listën Vlorës duke i hequr mundësinë të zgjidhej deputet. Sot, Ristani është bërë palë me Berishën dhe "Foltoren" që rrëzuan Bashën dhe rimorën PD. Në korrik 2019, në mënyrë befasuese, ai i konsideroi numërimet e votave për bashkinë e Tiranës në 2011 si kulmin e transparencës publike, edhe pse shkeli me të dyja këmbët Kodin Zgjedhor. "Në zgjedhjet vendore të vitit 2011, transparenca ariti kulmin dhe shqiptaret i numëronin votat një e nga një nga televizori i shtëpisë", komentonte 3 vite më parë Ristani. Më pas, në shtator 2021, në një intervistë televizive, Arben Ristani tregohet gati më i sinqertë se kurrë për 2011. Ai shprehet se qe merita e tij që Basha u zgjodh kryebashkiak ndaj Ramës, por nuk pranoi se bëri shkelje të ligjeve zgjedhore. "Por që ka vlejtur, që Basha edhe një fitore që ka në jetë, paskam qenë edhe unë aty. Mandatin Bashës ia ka dhënë ligji nuk ia kam dhënë unë”, tha ai.

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