Brizida Gjikondi sheds light on the strong behind-the-scenes: Here's the scheme that Ilir Meta is using to escape from the arrest of SPAK, just as he did with the video of Dritan Prifti

Brizida Gjikondi sheds light on the strong behind-the-scenes: Here's the

The lawyer Romeo Kara is shocked: Operation 'Metamorfoza' was specially made by SPAK to go to Ilir Meta, very soon we will have communication of charges, this is why the doors of the asylum have been closed to the former president, they will bring him ...

The lawyer Romeo Kara is shocked: Operation 'Metamorfoza' was

Movement in the government of Edi Rama, Blendi Klosi towards the post of deputy prime minister and head of the district of Tirana, Gjiknuri leaves Elbasan, Blendi Çuçi goes to Fier, this is what is expected to happen within the SP

Movement in the government of Edi Rama, Blendi Klosi towards the post of deputy

USA and SPAK threatening Albanian politics for the "black days" that are coming, Altin Dumani and the prosecutors show the high official of DASH the corruption files that have filled the offices of the Special Prosecutor's Office, the Americans want th...

USA and SPAK threatening Albanian politics for the "black days" that

The scandals of Belinda Balluk have no end, KLSH reveals the financial damage it did to the pockets of Albanians, how 5 companies were excluded from the tender, suspicions of a rigged competition

The scandals of Belinda Balluk have no end, KLSH reveals the financial damage it

10 years since the intervention in Lazarat, the former General Director of the State Police Artan Diti, who led the operation, reveals for the first time the "bombastic" details, from the politician who opposed, the seizure of 71 tons of sativa cannabi...

10 years since the intervention in Lazarat, the former General Director of the

This is how SPAK is getting to the "root" of Ilir Meta's hidden assets, from his 500,000 euro birthday in Lalez, 51 assets he has in London, 289,000 euro operations, over 100,000 euro spent on just one child, up to the murders in which the former presi...

This is how SPAK is getting to the "root" of Ilir Meta's hidden

The high US official against global corruption lands today in Albania, DASH list of "non-women", will the oligarchs who finance Sali Berisha be sanctioned like the case of Dodik in Bosnia?

The high US official against global corruption lands today in Albania, DASH list

Opinion / Editorial

Old Dodona, Pelasgian civilization and political and divine center of the ancient world

Old Dodona, Pelasgian civilization and political and divine center of the

Archaeological excavations in Kamnik revealed extraordinary objects and phenomena not found in Europe. Their eyewitness and village boy devoted my whole life to the ambition of discovering who the ancient city of Neolithic Kamnik is, declared a cultural monument of the first category. Since 2020, I have been scientifically articulating, promoting, lobbying, knocking on the doors of institutions and appealing for 'Neolithic Kamnik to be included and protected by UNESCO'. Neolithic Kamnik is the prehistoric city of DODON. The sacred Dodona, where the roots of humanity are, has been buried in Mother Earth for five thousand years. The masterful manipulations by the Hellenic conquerors of Pelasgia who usurped and appropriated the Pelasgian civilization make it difficult to conceive of the greatness of Dodo, which the Byzantines call Kolonje and the Slavs Kamnik, kamen, gur, rock and Larme. "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed" (J. Christ). "...Those who are masters of the mind understand this" (Prophet Muhammad). The encyclopedias Kamniku Neolithic Dodona Old Kolonja scientifically argue the most ancient historical discovery on And. of the prehistoric matriarchal settlement, the city of Dodonë Nenna e Madhe. Dozens of Dodon reports circulate in the Facebook periodical press, which are evaluated by the reader. Dodona was bequeathed by Homer, who writes that he was born and raised in Dodona. "Zeus the king, distant Dodona, Pelasgian God who reigns over Dodona, in this harsh land of saddles, your prophets with unwashed feet sleeping on the earth! You have not refused to listen to me before and to conquer the Achaeans to honor me" Akil Pelindi of Dodonasi addresses with a prayer. (Ill. XVI, 220 - 235). The poet claims that Dodona is the city of God Dodona. Hesiod, etc. ancient historians describe Dodona sacred divine and human history. The European has disappeared twice since the Ice Age. Our ancestors in Dodona survived and became language speakers and offspring of the human race. They from a small group were increased by intermarriage to brother and sister and more widely populated Europe emptied of man. Old Dodona or Old Women (Women) is the most ancient discovery in human history. Dodona is the much sought after Pelasgian foundation. It fills great voids in the history of Albania and humanity and was discovered when they had lost hope that it would be found. Billions of dollars have been spent and thousands of scholars have devoted themselves to the Pelasgian cause. It exists in written sources from antiquity, sometimes Kaon, Thesprote or Moloss destroyed several times and rebuilt. Dodo's greatness begins in prehistory in the matriarchs where humanity was conceived. It was the capital of the divine Pelasgians for 10,000 years. The archaeological discoveries interwoven with mythological symbols, traces, toponyms, ancient graves, legends, images, memories, etc. in the concrete terrain are consistent with the many sources written since ancient times which in a synthetically summarized way emphasize:

1-God Dodo the first divine impulse, the Creator of the universe, the most ancient God. Dodona is a universal value of humanity. She deified a hill in the north of New Epirus.

2- The city of Dodo of the most ancient god on And, famous for the shrine, the oldest, the first, the most ancient temple on And was undiscovered and much sought after and debated.

3- The Olympic Pantheon or the House of the Dodo god and the Olympic games where they took place even in the c. the third began in Dodona, from where the next Olympic Games were organized.

4- The Hierarchical Shrine Dodo a fixed point, the center of heaven and earth of the ancient world.

5- The hierarchal shrine with the holy oak was the political and divine center for 10 thousand years.

6- DPK prehistoric city of a group of 8-88 divine ancestors Are, Arkadh, Tirenj, Pelazghe who survived the Glaciation inside the rock to become the offspring of the human race.

7- Sons of the Great Mother Dodo in thousands of years populated Europe and wider Asia and Africa. Her offspring created the Pelasgian Empire which culminated in the Pelasgian War of Troy.

8- The screaming man in the Mythological Stones in Dodona during the Ice Age became a society, felt the need to speak, the brain and larynx developed and the evolution of today's man ended.

9- Humanity has an ancestor the Great Mother and the ancient Pelasgian ethnicity and language.

10- The spoken language was born in Dodona. Are, Arkadh came out of the Pelasgian rock speaking language.

11- The first language on Earth, the mother of Europe, is the Albanian language, the rock language, inherited over thousands of years as a sign of the Albanian nation from which the secondary, secondary languages ??originate.

12- The writing is said to have been born in DPK from where the Phoenicians took it and gave it to the Greeks.

13- The first defensive fortification on And was discovered in the DPK that proves tribal social communities.

14- The rental industry in furnace complexes not found in Europe was born in Dodona.

15- The first constructions on And proven by archaeological excavations began in Dodona.

16- Painting art was born in Dodona, inherited in many walls and cult objects.

17- The Pelasgian inventors of natural sciences excel in divine science. Mythology was born in Dodona, where the Greeks and Romans took it from. The mythology is originally from Dodona.

18- The animist beliefs of 300,000 years ago appear in homosapiens and become more distinct 50,000 years later which are proven by cult objects made of flint.

19- Pagan religion and cult objects not found in Europe [declared cultural heritage] have their origins in the Dodona Hierarchy.

20- The first gods and deities originate from the hierarchal shrine, Old Dodona.

21- The Great Mother Dodona, a cult discovered in Kamnik is also called the Holy Mother Earth.

22- The Dodo Shrine with the Holy Oak was the center of the divine Pelasgians for 10 thousand years.

23- Faltorja hierore Dodonë, qendra politike e hyjnore qiellore, tokësore e nëntokësore e botës së lashtë kishte organizim perfekt dhe faltore të saj në të gjithë hapësirën gjeografike dodoniane ku hynin dhe përgjithësoheshin në Pellazgji shpikjet e reja dhe kulturat Pellazgjike:

a )Faltoret Dodonë më të vogla e të mëvonshme jashtë kontinentit në Armeni dhe në Egjipt kishin vartësi e lidhje me faltoren hierore të qendrës Pellazgjike në Dodonë.

b) Faltoret lufra ose lushie në të gjitha fshatrat dhe qytetet ku banonin pellazgë brenda dhe jashtë kontinentit ishin nën administrim edhe në vartësi të faltores të qendrës në Dodonë.

c) Hyjnia e Skulakes [Lumi nëndheshëm Skyle] te Burimi lidhte shpirtërisht pellazgët në Had të vdekur dhe të gjallë brenda e jashtë kontinentit, me tokën e shenjtë dhe faltoren hierore.

d ) Orakulli i Lisit të Shenjtë, Lisi i Mirë Kamnik, simboli kyç dhe ADN-ja Dodonë është hyjnizuar nga perënditë Dodonë e Zeus që bashkëjetuan disa shekuj. Ai u bë vend haxhillëku për të gjithë botën pasi u hap fjala se vdiq zoti Dodon dhe u varros te lisi i madh në Dodonë, Kamnik.

e ) Orakulli më i vyer për njerëzinë në Tomor është bijë Dodonë në ndihmë të faltores.

d ) Orakulli i Apollonit i ngritur në shek. VIII–të p. Kr në Delf, në Dëshnicë të Përmetit etj të më vonëshme në Volos, Itali, janë bija stërbija të faltores si dhe [tylbe] te Lisi i Mirë në Kamnik. Faltore hierore është një e vetme [ Mekami] në majë të shkëmbit të Larmë në Kamnik.

24- Qyteti prehistorik Dodonëka vetëm një i groposur 2800 vite p. Kr. Ai në rrudhje pas shek X-të quhet Kolonjë i shpërbërë në mesin e shek XVIII-të me emër sllav Kamnik, kamen, gur, shkëmb i Larmë plot shpella e guva dhe me [mekamin] faltoren hierore Dodonë në majë.

25- DPK zë fill në fillimin e historisë njerëzore në prehistori në periudhën e artë mitologjike dhe ka vijuar në të gjitha epokat historike e mitologjike. Bektashianët bënë pronë të tyre orakullin Dodonë në Tomor, Lisin e Mirë të Shenjtë në Kamnik dhe të gjithë simbolet pagane.

26- Dodona është pikë e fiksuar në fund dhe kufi me fushën e Hellopisë, (Barmashit). Përjetësohet në toponimet profetike gjeografike: - Burimi Dodonë, - Lumi Dodonë, - Pylli Dodonë, - Malësia Dodonë, -Shkëmbi i lartë Dodonë, Lisi Dodonë, simboli kyç dhe ADN-ja Dodonë.

27- Dodona ish qendra e Peshkopatës së vjetër kur transferohet tempulli Dodonë në Kishën e qytetit Dodonë. Gjurmët dhe toponimet e vendeve të shenjta Mekam apo kullë roje manastiri, manastir në krye të Luadheve të Qytesë, kisha Kamnik janë radhë mbi shkëmb. Kisha me tempullin Dodonë shenjtërohet Kolonjë e Kamnik siç i ndërrohet emri vendbanimit.

28- Kryeqyteti [Dodonë] i themës së tetë Nikopol është qyteti Dodonë ku është lisi që flet për misteret e perëndive ose marëzitë e lisit Dodonas. Thema më 1018 quhet Kolonjë.

29 - Descriptions of the Great Rock, the cave of the Mythological Stone where the temple was born and emerged from the tongue-speaking rock, two rivers in front of it, forest and swamp at the Holy Oak, a flock of pigeons, the slopes of Sela, ice and snow, at the bottom of the field, up to hill, etc. in the concrete terrain are in Kamnik.

30-The extraordinary archaeological phenomena and objects covered in the holy land two thousand years before the Homeric era reveal today the H. National Museum, in Erseke, etc. Dodona cult objects have been declared cultural heritage. The ruins of the Mekam on top of the Great Rock of Kamnik (Hierore Shrine) and the Good Holy Oak of Kamnik were the capital of the Ancient World.

31-Twenty pagan, Christian, Islamic and Bektashi holy places from the makam to the top of Shkëmbti Larmë, Guri i Himo and up to the top of ?uka have Lisi e Good as the consecration leader. Toponyms, images, legends, walls, ancient cemeteries, memories, traces, flints and flints all over Kamnik prove the holy city of Dodona, about which there are written by the ancients. The Neolithic Kamnik deserved to be included and protected by UNESCO as early as 1973 when it was declared a cultural monument of the first category. It occupies an important place in national and international conferences for internal use but is unknown to the general public, unstudied and left to the mercy of fate outside of any attention that still does not react and understand. Ancient cities razed by Paul Emilius in Epirus are 70 plus 173 after the revolt of Batos in the years 6-9. Old Dodona is the only prehistoric city where the roots of humanity and world civilization are. The reconstruction of Dodona will serve generations for divine and historical education as a universal value of humanity, an unimaginable event, the center of the Ancient World. Dodona covered in the ground is waiting for me to go to the mejdan. Why are academic institutions silent that have an official announcement? Why?!? There is no genuine Pelasgian academic here. Maybe they don't read me and become jealous? Will they meet for consultation? Who will contact me with Mr. Dominik Brickel at the Sorbonne University of Paris, scientist, specialist and expert on the Pelazgo-Etruscans, an ancient people. God willing, my aunt will listen to Mr. Brickel. I am in sync with Robert d'Angely: "The Pelasgians are the basis of everything". Maybe others share this opinion. I think it is worth getting together for the promotion of Dodona Old Cologne, an unimaginable discovery of human history. God is very close to us but we stay far from him. Divine power will promote our development and progress. Do not be afraid of the truth but of God who helps us and punishes the wicked.