Head of State, Bajram Begaj, meeting 'head to head' with American President Joe Biden in the USA, what was discussed

Head of State, Bajram Begaj, meeting 'head to head' with American

The Americans kicked her out of politics, Lindita Nikolla put Sali Berisha through the window through the bait Bardhi, the anti-US "kamikaze" Speaker of the Assembly of the "Bermuda Triangle" and the Zeni partnership

The Americans kicked her out of politics, Lindita Nikolla put Sali Berisha

SPAK in the court of "non women", this is how the USA has sewn up the file of the "Berisha" family, in the scanner the assets of the children, the son-in-law, the "Partizani", "CEZ-DIA" and "Gërdeci" affairs, the American cables are revealed

SPAK in the court of "non women", this is how the USA has sewn up the

Spartak Ngjela warns of "bombastic" news: This is why Sali Berisha is attacking the "iron" prosecutor Enkeleda Millonai who is investigating her son-in-law for money laundering and the scheme that Ilir Meta is following to escape from the clutches of SPAK

Spartak Ngjela warns of "bombastic" news: This is why Sali Berisha is

Here are all the gifts of Prime Minister Rama to the oligarch Samir Manen, how he put the whole state at the service of his businesses, from the forgiveness of private and state lands, tenders, to the helicopter runway and hangar for private aircraft

Here are all the gifts of Prime Minister Rama to the oligarch Samir Manen, how

The American Congress deepens the investigation into the "Rama-McGonigal" affair, this is how the scandal can cause earthquakes in Tirana and Washington, Robert Pope reveals the latest news

The American Congress deepens the investigation into the

Clashes for the head of the DP group, the American Embassy makes it clear to Berisha: We do not change our position on "non-women", we encourage the actors to carefully examine their commitments in the party

Clashes for the head of the DP group, the American Embassy makes it clear to

The increase in pensions is approved, 767 thousand people benefit from indexation by 8.6 percent from October 1, the Ministry of Finance and the Institute of Social Insurance clarify the details

The increase in pensions is approved, 767 thousand people benefit from

Opinion / Editorial

What is happening to the democratic west!?

What is happening to the democratic west!?

- What does this policy of their ostrich mean to the Serbian wolf and the Russian bear in Kosovo!?

- What's wrong with our policy and diplomacy!?

- We don't want lazri! We want brotherly friendship with our Big Brother & Great Mother - USA!


Do you still have illusions that Serbia can change its almost two-century pro-Russian course and its role as a puppet of St. Petersburg and the Kremlin in the Balkans and Europe!?
Wasn't it Belgrade that set fire to the First World War with millions of victims and trillions of dollars in damages!?
Can the Russian Bear and the Serbian Wolf return to Qingja, as President Macron of France presents them, the cradle of the famous fable "Qingji and the wolf" by La Fontaine, of democracy and "Liberte Equalite Fraternite - Liri Barazi Vellazeri" that we have learned in primary school even in a dictatorial communist country like Albania.
How is it possible that the leaders of hope and the cradle of world democracy, France and especially its World Mother USA for 120 years now, who saved the people of the Albanian nation, Albania 103 years ago and Kosovo from the disappearance and 150-year-old Serbo-Slavic genocide in 1999 are they lazdrojan Belgrade and its terror in Kosovo!?
What does the ominous language and threat of Gebels Milosevic Seselt - Aleksander Vucic mean that "Something terrible will happen in Kosovo!"
What about the war-mongering and Hitler-Stalinist declarations of Putin's Kremlin in defense of their bastards in Belgrade and Northern Kosovo on the same day, even in front of Vucic himself!?
What do they want an entire army with tanks and armored cars, with rockets and airplanes, with generals and government officials, not only of Serbs but also of Wagner Putin on the border between Kosovo and Serbia!?
So we are not talking only about verbal threats, but also concrete actions and terrible means of war and death.
Which one of you denounced his typical fascist-Nazi declaration and the declaration and mobilization of the armed forces of Serbia on the border with Kosovo!?
How is it possible that leaders of freedom, fraternity and equality of world democracy, the whole world saw live with their own eyes the soldiers and officers of NATO's KFOR, the police and security forces of Kosovo, foreign and local journalists they are barbarically attacked, bloodied and wounded by the "Brown Phalanxes" 24 karat ala Nazi envoys openly and secretly ordered by Gebelsi and Himmler, Ribentrop Vucic, Dacic, Vulin and Seshel of the former "Hitler of the Balkans", as they called him Even the chief politicians and Chief Diplomats of yours or yours, Slobodan Milosevic in the 90s, and they accuse and put pressure on Albin Kurti of Pristina, interrupt the joint exercise "Defender" with the defense forces of the liberated Republic of Kosovo independent of them!?
Please give me a photo or a recording of a local Serbian citizen, not a mercenary of Vucic, Putin and Wagner, where the security and peace forces of NATO's KFOR, or the state or local police in 4 the northern municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo to have attacked or bled, ill-treated outside the limits of legal self-defense.... !?
Give or show a word or statement of Albin Kurti or any government or opposition Albanian politician in Kosovo that has prevented, blackmailed or intimidated even a Serb citizen of Kosovo not to vote in the last elections in the 4 Serbian municipalities in the northern !?
Show me a single law in Kosovo, Albania or Serbia and the Balkans, apart from Greece, that forces their citizens to vote by compulsion!?
Then who forced their Serbs not to vote and boycott
those elections!?
Albin Kurti or the untried and unpunished war criminals with the laws that you won against Hitler, Goebbels, Ribentrop in Belgrade... Nazi-fascism and Serbian racism not only in Kosovo but also in Bosnia, the whole of the former Yugoslavia badly patched by the democratic West and the Red East to the detriment of the people of the nations around it, where the most damaged and crippled were the Albanians, who were not asked by anyone!
Meanwhile, "George Washington of Kosovo", as our great President and the leader with the longest tenure of 57 years in the USA called him, the whole world, Joe Biden under his portrait and the American flag in the White House, Hashim Thaci and fellow fighters those closest to him are tried and accused by the prosecutors of the court of the democratic West in the Special Court of Kosovo against Kosovo for war crimes on the basis of slanders, fabrications, fabrications and deceptions of the prosecutors and the Serbian UDB, the KGB and the GRU ala The Belgrade Gestapo of Milosevic-Vucic and Putin of the Kremlin and their Albanian-speaking bastard witnesses, bitten and paid as much as a chicken by them or for the benefit of Political Asylum in the USA and other democratic countries or not, for which they should be thoroughly re-investigated .
The language of the American ambassador in Prishtina or of his guides for this matter was more the language of a Donald Trump governor than that of a diplomat of American democracy.
What message does he convey not only in Pristina and Tirana, in Belgrade and Moscow, but also much more widely!?
Isn't it enough for them to teach the "Republika Srpska" in Bosnia without adding another "Serb Republic" in the North of the free and democratic Republic of Kosovo with even greater rights than the Albanians of Kosovo and Albania+++ nor with the Serbs of Serbia even with free electricity, what happened neither in the Democratic West nor in the Red East!?
The two time bombs in Bosnia and Serbia are enough without adding another one in Kosovo and the Western Balkans - the "Gunpowder Chamber" where the First World War broke out with tens of millions of victims in Europe and the whole world.
Whoever forgets the historical past is condemned to repeat it even more heavily in the future.
I am not commenting on the anuslizas of the anuslistas and politicians of Tirana and Prishtina, who make us pro-American day and night, that the Americans are anti-American with words all night and day with actions and attitudes that are deeply and fundamentally anti-American and anti-Albanian, such as undermining democracy, massive corruption, threatening the national security not only of Albania and Kosovo, but also of the US, NATO and our allies....
All the more so in two states, one people and one whole nation that according to their own democratic and republican American and Albanian polls, the people and nation are "more pro-American even than the Americans themselves" And for us Albanians, the sun rises in the West, as I have
written publicly here and over 32 years ago ... so many years before Edi Rames.
And de facto as early as 1987 in the newspaper "Zeri i Rinise" when I published the chronicle "A great friend of a small people - Wodrow Wilson!"
I am proud of the people of my nation, as much as I am proud of my second Motherland (both parents have their eternal residence here in the USA, ... three of my 7 lives here) the democracy of its worldwide leader - the USA - the "Blessed States of America", as my wise grandfather Elez Hoxha of Rodogoshi with the name of Berisha has consciously and far-sightedly called the incomparable human and divine since the early 60s. I am not a nationalist at all
In my opinion: Nationalism... Chauvinism is not only the last refuge of all Mascarenes, as the great Fan Noli and Faik Konica said, but also the sole shield of adventurers and bloodthirsty rulers ala Louis the 14th. .. Shoven, the Russian Tsars, Stalin, Hitler, Serbian Aleksandret Pashic, Rankovic... Vucic, Cubrilovic, Vladimir Putin... The
patriotism is a moral value and obligation for every son and daughter of the people of their own nation and nations as a whole.
Patriots are ready to sacrifice their lives for the people of their nation.
The nationalists are ready to sell their people and nation for their own back!
Are you yourself!?
Do you have eyes in your forehead to see!?
Do you have ears to hear!?
Do you have a brain in your head to think?
judged !?
What was happening to you!?
What's wrong with you brothers, sisters, our strategic allies, our best friends in our hardest times and our worldwide democratic leaders and brilliant example!
This is not just about Kosovo and its people.
It is about much more and more!?
Are you not concerned by the fact that more than 30 friendly and allied countries have slipped from our side of the Democratic West to the side of our enemies in the "East is red" during the last 10 years!?
An alarm bell and dedication for clarity and correction in the politics of our western diplomacy!
It takes years to make and add a friend as a person and not with an entire country!
One bad word or wrong action is enough to make an enemy!
The good brave has a lot of friends!?
A good friend is recognized in difficult days such as in 1919-1922, July-December 1990 and February-June 1997, September 16, 1998 and March-June 1999 and so on...!
We love Albania and Kosovo like democratic America!
Why !?
Because it has been our Mythical Hour for 103 years now!
We don't want lazdra!
We want brotherly friendship with our Big Brother & Great Mother- USA!
Lazdria lazdron
Brotherhood and friendship make brothers and friends!
The truth shines!
A good friend tells you four truths to your face!